Round 3: Machine Learning is everywhere, want to know more about it and it’s application, come join!

Introduction to Machine Learning (EN)

Machine learning is a complex field of application with roots as old as half a century (or even more if we consider statistics as its grandfather).
Thanks to the widespread of huge computing power, the applications of these well-known techniques are now seeing widespread adoption.

In this talk, we will take a look at the broader field of machine learning, and its different sub-techniques.
We will then move our attention to a specific and very powerful technique, known as Naive Bayes, that allows for supervised classification of many complex phenomena. We will discuss how it works from a statistical perspective, and also discuss how it is implemented.

After this talk, you will know more about what machine learning is and can do for you, and a bit of its "magic" will be dispelled into maths and software engineering.

HBO-ICT Job & Student Event 2021
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