Round 4: Let’s leverage blockchain to give users complete control over their personal data. We will explain some identity use cases, architectural designs, the role of blockchain and how we solve blockchain interoperability.

Break the identity silo’s with blockchain (EN)

As innovators, we give shape to the society of the future and blockchain will change how people trust each other. In collaboration with the public and private sector, we are reinventing digital identities by making your personal details transferrable and cryptographically verifiable. This will reduce the time for onboarding new employees drastically. Applying for social housing or setting up a new business is a matter of minutes. This masterclass will give more detail to identity-related use cases. We will take a deep dive into the credentialing process and present you the Universal Ledger Agent framework, our open-source technical solution which enables interoperability.

HBO-ICT Job & Student Event 2021
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